Mutual Healthcare took its name from the 1957 writings of Dr Michael Balint in his seminal book “The Doctor, His Patient, and the Illness”

The author coined the term “Mutual Investment Company” to describe the doctor-patient relationship, in which both the patient and doctor grow together into a better knowledge of each other.

This involves elements of mutual respect, mutual identification and mutual friendship.

It is on this basis of mutual satisfaction that a unique relationship establishes itself between a general practitioner and those of his patients. The general practitioner gradually acquires a very valuable capital invested in his patient, and, vice versa, the patient acquires a very valuable capital bestowed in his general practitioner.

Mutual Healthcare has been serving members of the community in Sengkang and Punggol since 2002. We aim to provide a complete spectrum of quality primary healthcare to patients of all age groups at affordable rates.

We would like to thank you, our patients, who have entrusted yours and your family’s health to us over the years and hope that we will develop a long term relationship of mutual trust.